Project Save-A-Life
By Admin Sue Carter ADMIN
March 25, 2018

Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department, Spotsylvania Rescue Squad Gwyneth’s Gift and Spotsylvania County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management are hosting an event at Massaponax High School on June 2, 2018. The event is Project Save-A-Life.

Project Save-A-Life goals are:
- Train the community of Spotsylvania County hands-only CPR and AED
- Encourage businesses to train staff in CPR and AED use
- Encourage youth involvement to increase the survival from cardiac arrest through hands only CPR/AED

The training is free of charge. The training provided will be "Bystander CPR" which is compression only CPR and does not include giving breaths. Training also includes hands on training and understanding of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). This is not a certification but rather life training that never expires.

The benefits of participating in this initiative include increased chances of survival of those who might have a sudden cardiac arrest as well as becoming a HEARTsafe community, to name a couple.

The benefits of being a HEARTsafe community include a reduction in response time when identifying a sudden cardiac arrest, knowing what to do, where to find an AED, completing hands-only CPR and ultimately saving lives.

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