By Firefighter Travis Prien
March 28, 2020

He called the Chief and asked how in the world he was going to visit so many boys and girls with social distancing in effect!? Together, everyone made a plan, and with approval from Santa, we now introduce the Bunny Run! Starting tomorrow, and carrying through the next few weekends, the Easter Bunny will be riding atop one of Spotsylvania’s finest fire trucks to visit all of the excited boys and girls in the community!!

We will begin tomorrow, March 29, in the Taverneer, Lancaster Gate, and South Oaks neighborhoods starting at 4 p.m. We will post throughout the week as our schedule progresses.

Please understand, with only a few weeks left until Easter we will not be able to make it to every neighborhood like we do with the Santa Run, but we will try our best to visit as many neighborhoods and streets as possible. We urge everyone to continue to practice the social distancing protocols because if we notice large crowds forming that are not in accordance with the guidelines set forth for everyone, we will have to leave the area.

We can’t wait to see you all! Check back on our Facebook for scheduling!