Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department recognizes Firefighter James ‘’Jim” Hood for the month of July.
By Firefighter Travis Prien
July 31, 2020

Jim is a Navy Vietnam Veteran joining the volunteer fire service after coming home in 1971 by following his brother into Seat Pleasant Volunteer Fire Company - Capitol Heights, MD. Jim continued his volunteer service and became a Life Member at Silver Hill Volunteer Fire Department - Hillcrest Heights, MD from 1974 - 1992 until his move to Virginia where he joined SVFD Four Mile Fork Company 4. Jim retired as a firefighter at Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Fire and Rescue Department in 2004. After retirement Jim became a full time volunteer, dedicating his time staffing fire apparatus and educating upcoming firefighters of the history of the fire service. At 72 years old Jim upholds the tradition of the fire service and is always willing to mentor upcoming firefighters.

Jim’s recommendation to upcoming volunteering firefighters is that volunteering is a great opportunity to learn teamwork, trust, and community involvement. Through half a century of dedication to volunteer service Jim advocates that being a Firefighter brings fulfillment and purpose in helping others. Thank you, Jim, for your many years of volunteer fire service. Without volunteer firefighters like James Hood and his dedication to community service, the community could not receive the assistance that is expected when calling 911.