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What kind of events?

You can request a fire truck for public events, school functions, church functions, parades or any other event you may be having. While we make every effort to meet all  requests, the requests are subject to equipment and volunteer availability. Some examples of Public Events SVFD has participated in include:


  • High school football games

  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout truck displays

  • Crime Prevention Day display

  • Local parades

  • National Night Out

  • Church functions

  • WFLS Chili fest

  • B101.5 Kid's Convention

  • and many others

What if the fire truck is called to service?

Our priority is to meet the emergency needs within the our county.  Most often if a truck shows to your event it will remain an inservice truck and is subject to leave when needed. However will return if your event has not completed after returning to service from their emergency call. 

How do I request a fire truck?

If you are interested in having a fire truck at your event or function, please send an email (link at the top of this page). Please include:


  • Your name

  • Contact information

  • The date and time of the event

  • Event location

  • A short description of the event 

  • Include anything you would like for us to provide for your event

How far in advance should I request a fire truck?

We ask that several weeks advance notice be given so our organization can check availability of a unit and required personnel. Please remember all dates are first come first serve.

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