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When you join the Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department, you become part of a team dedicated to tackling the life-threatening emergencies and accidents faced by the citizens and visitors of Spotsylvania County. You will work in a fast-paced environment where every decision you make becomes important.



There are so many reasons to join SVFD.       



Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department
Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department
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All members are brought into the Department for 90 days on a Probationary Period. During the 90 days, you will have to complete a probationary packet (recruit or fire member) and receive a recommendation from the Company Line Officers to be brought to the Chiefs or President to discuss their eligibility to be voted in as a non-probationary member.

Certified Fire Member

Personnel that is 18 or older that holds the certifications meeting Spotsylvania County minimum training standards to perform the duties of a firefighter.

Fire Members will complete third person package with their Company Mentor before riding out as a third. Fire Members having been sworn in and holding the required certifications (IAW minimum training requirements listed in FREM Rules and Regulations 1-28) To maintain Fire Status: members shall meet the requirements for monthly duty hours as set forth annually by Chief officers, ensure they respond to emergency calls on their assigned apparatus while on duty, participate in public education events and activities, and complete training.

Junior Member

Personnel under the age of 18, that wish to further their personal education and have an opportunity to serve the Department and the community in a responsible capacity.

Assuring accountability and appropriate supervision in the performance of their duties, pursuant to Section 40.1-79.1, Code of Virginia, and Spotsylvania County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Junior Volunteer Membership, RR 1-31

Recruit Member

Personnel that desire to serve as firefighters are eligible for membership. Personnel are in training to become certified for the Spotsylvania County minimum training standards.

Recruit members will complete certification for Firefighter I within eighteen months ager being sworn in.

Personnel who choose to participate in activities within SVFD. Activities such as training, photography, public information and education, rehabilitation of firefighters, office assistance, and social functions.

Administrative Member

Personnel dedicated to providing on-scene support to operational volunteers by providing food and water to keep them energized while working on extended emergency incidents. They will provide support for the members of the fire department, plan and prepare monthly events and conduct fundraisers to benefit our organization.

Auxiliary Member



Submit application. Additional information gathered by Dept. to complete application.




Driving record will be processed within one (1) to two (2) days.



Applicant notified to schedule fingerprinting and background check. It will take approximately seven (7) to twelve (12) days.


Once applicant completes fingerprinting and background check, applicant contacted for interview panel and drug screening.

Applicant will be sent to Spotsylvania Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management to approve/disapprove applicant application.

Upon approval from the Spotsylvania Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management, applicant will be contacted for orientation.

Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department
Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department
Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department


It’s incredibly important for people to be aware of the latest technologies designed to keep them safe from fires and other emergency hazards. This program takes that to heart, with instruction and training by some of our finest first responders. Join us in learning how to help prevent and respond to emergency situations.


The Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department team is deeply invested in the emergency education of youth and the continuing preparation of adults. This public educational service is designed to teach residents the kinds of activities they can engage in and what they should stop doing in order to protect themselves, their families, and their properties from fires and other emergency situations.


Our training courses and workshops are designed to teach and practice the methods and procedures you’ll need in order to prepare for a variety of emergencies that can occur in everyday life. This service is no different. Get in touch for more information and to find out how you can get involved.

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